There Is A Simple Way to Attract Safe & Secure Relationships and Heal From the Past... 

Answer these 5 questions and discover the #1 Secret to Eliminating Pain and Cultivating Secure Relationships After Narcissistic Abuse. 

Are you always trying to please everyone, but finding that you are neglecting yourself, unable to escape the addiction to toxic people but now ready to break free...?

tapping into your

 'Proficient purpose' 

 Will ACCELERATE your healing 

Let me guess: you're a fighter in some areas of your life but unable to move past the pain and heartache when it comes to your relationships with 'certain' narcissistic individuals.

You would give anything to live in a world full of honest, compassionate people ,like you, but that resistance you have in other areas doesn't translate into your relationships, you keep attracting the wrong people.

I sense you're an extraordinary person, yet despite your hidden potential, you are yearning for success in your life. Despite investing in personal growth and spiritual development, the pain from past experiences is still holding you back from finding your true calling and causing you to avoid healthy loving relationships.

As we journey through life and grow older, it's crucial to remember that everyone deserves happiness and fulfillment. It's not your fault you haven't found the ideal partner or calling yet. Those who have, discovered a little known secret...


"Proficient Purpose, signifies a mastery of life that can sometimes become obscured when dealing with manipulative individuals, challenging relationships, and narcissistic family members who break down our self of self worth and internal confidence.

These 'toxic individuals' often manipulate you into channeling your greatest superpowers towards serving them while neglecting your own path to happiness."

Your purpose style is the roadmap that acts as a compass for how authentically aligned your life can become when it comes to moving past emotional abuse and exploitation people. 

Your purpose style affects you on many emotional and physiological  levels:

  • Sustained ventral striatum brain activation.(Basically it helps you turn your thoughts into actions!)
  • Increased conflict resolution skills by adopting a solution-focused mindset!
  • Counteract unconscious negative self talk, redirecting thoughts & emotions away from the past, enabling you to maintain emotional stability and security!
  • Clarity of awareness and resilience to narcissistic partners!

Tapping InTo Your 'proFicicit purpose' will transform your Pain into your FUel through the powerful lens of authentic inner Enquiry.

"You can Achieve 'Proficient Purpose' by leaning into your unique natural abilities. Abilities that you buried deep and ignored, to please the narcissist."

You see embracing 'Proficient Purpose' means letting go of the untrue narcissistically imposed  stories of self-sabetarge, fear of being seen, constant need for approval, procrastination on your dreams as a coping mechanism and constantly living victimhood.

 Instead acknowledge that your success in life and in relationships is profoundly tied to your sense purpose and your ability to navigate with crystal clear clearly the road ahead.

This is the key to unleashing your inner emotional independence and becoming someone who lives free from the restrains of a traumatised past. 

The #1 secret to

 Eliminating Pain After Narcissistic Abuse

is by BECOMING 'proficiently PUrposeful'

About Your Trainer

Doug Womack, Co-Founder of Life Design Blueprint

Doug Womack is more than just a Self-Help Author & Hypnotherapist—he's your trusted guide on a transformative journey.

As the co-founder of Life Design Blueprint and the driving force behind a viral TikTok channel in narcissistic recovery and healing, Doug has touched the lives of over 2,000,000 viewers in the past year alone.

Thousands continue to be inspired by his online content each month.

However, Doug's path to this point was far from a smooth ascent to success. Growing up he soon found himself on the opposite side of the mental health spectrum. In his 20s, Doug found himself trapped in a string of toxic relationships, grappling with addiction to drugs and alcohol.

It took a series of life-altering events, including the tragic suicide of a close friend and a stark realization that he had hit rock bottom, for Doug to face his awakening.

He understood that hiding from his anxiety, depression, and complex post-traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD) was no longer an option.

In that pivotal moment, Doug recognized that the path he was on needed to change, and it was time to shift his focus toward contributing to and serving others.

Taking charge of his life, he embraced the belief that a complete reinvention from the inside out was not just an option; it was his responsibility.

Doug's relentless pursuit of personal growth and healing led to his mastery of psychology, liberating him from the shackles of his toxic past.

He made the courageous decision to leave behind his thriving construction businesses to dedicate himself full-time to helping others.

With a commitment to lifelong learning, Doug pursued certifications in a diverse range of disciplines, including Mindfulness Teacher Training, Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy, Solution-Focused Counseling, Solution-Focused Hypno-Psychotherapy, NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Purpose-Based Life Coaching, Happiness-Based Life Coaching, Trauma-Informed Mindfulness, Mindfulness-Based Clinical Hypnotherapy to name just a few.

His journey of self-discovery allowed Doug to create inner personal freedom, not just for himself but for his clients and family as well.

Working with Doug means embarking on a journey of healing, growth, and the profound benefits that come from embracing personal responsibility and change.

“"This program has been a life-changer for me. It guided me from feeling lost to a crystal-clear vision of my life's purpose. I now trust my intuition, prioritize myself, and fearlessly pursue my goals. Highly recommended!"”

Kay Sharp

“I was unsure at first but I'm so glad that i made the decision to work with Doug, the program has helped me to find a new gear. 

Robert Lee 

“Thank you so much, it was really great to open up to another human being, this issue has been like a stone in my shoe for too many years, i feel now that i have the power to get rid of it for good!”

Lisa Baugh

Most people search for quick fixes or easy solutions to heal or to cope with Narcissistic abuse and feel frustrated when nothing changes and they end up falling back in love with the same types of exploitative people and the toxic cycle of shame and guilt continues... 

this is why

Your Purpose Style level

is the one common thread throughout all of your relationships.

And all the awareness in the world is not going to make you feel any different!

Neuroscience has shown that your brain can literally change shape!!

 Meaning your life can transform too... but only if you take action by rewiring your unconscious mind!

Once you learn what you’re purpose style is, you’ll have the secret to unlocking your most painful struggles in love and in life and start experiencing profound transformational change.

After taking this assessment, you’ll have the tools to go from…

...the constant effort to please everyone else to confidently prioritizing yourself without the fear of facing rejection.

...a state of feeling lost, trapped, and reliant on others to make decisions for you, to a place of unwavering trust in your own intuition, where your path is illuminated with crystal clear clarity.

...allowing others to dictate your life to taking decisive and bold actions to pursue your own desires and aspirations in life.

...the constant worry of not being enough to cultivating unwavering confidence in your own ability to discover the right partner when the time is right.

...constantly being at the beck and call of others, vulnerable to their love-bombing and manipulation, to a state of resilience and self-control where you are no longer swayed by their tactics.

But don’t take my word for it—try it now for free and  experience the difference!

DISCOVER THE #1 Secret to Eliminating Pain and Cultivating Secure Relationships After Narcissistic Abuse!

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