Unveiling the Quirks of Narcissists: Unusual Signs You Should Know

While there are well-known signs like gaslighting, in this article we uncover some of the more unusual quirks that narcissists exhibit. Join us as we take a closer look at these behaviours and what they reveal about narcissistic individuals.

Walking Ahead: A Telltale Trait

Have you ever noticed narcissists always leading the way? Whether it’s during a holiday or a shopping trip, they tend to walk ahead, leaving others to follow in their wake. By positioning themselves in front, they assert their dominance and reinforce their role as leader. However, this behaviour also serves another purpose—to belittle those trailing behind, criticizing their pace or attentiveness. Narcissists prioritize their own agenda, disregarding the needs of others and making it evident through their relentless stride.

Games, Competitiveness, and Fragile Egos

Playing games can reveal a great deal about someone’s character, and narcissists are no exception. These individuals despise losing and will avoid games they aren’t confident in or those that involve luck. Children of narcissistic parents often find that their parents refuse to engage in board games. Narcissists view losing as a threat to their ego and resort to defensive measures to protect their fragile self-image. They may make excuses, belittle the activity, or demean the other person’s interests to avoid the possibility of defeat.

The Fascination with Dictators and Tyrants

Narcissists have a curious admiration for dictators and tyrants, not necessarily due to shared ideologies, but because they perceive these leaders as powerful and awe-inspiring figures. Since narcissists rarely look up to others, when they do, it’s for their status and the desire to achieve a similar level of reverence. They tend to idealize leaders who have exerted control over others, even if their actions were far from ethical. Empathy is scarce among narcissists, so they don’t necessarily gravitate toward morally upright leaders who have positively impacted the world.

The Hypocrisy of Narcissists

Hypocrisy is a trait that narcissists excel at. They frequently lecture others on what not to do, only to engage in those very behaviours themselves. They might condemn certain habits, eating patterns, or language choices, only to indulge in them privately. When confronted about their double standards, narcissists will vehemently deny, attack, and deflect blame onto the accuser. Lacking self-awareness, they feel entitled to behave in ways they discourage in others, bolstering their self-perceived superiority.

Elusive Answers and Word Salad

When attempting to understand narcissists better or seeking answers about their behavior, you’ll often find yourself tangled in a web of confusion. Narcissists excel at deflecting questions and providing nonsensical answers. Their responses resemble word salad, leaving you perplexed and frustrated. They purposefully avoid discussing themselves, maintaining control over the conversation while denying you the opportunity to gain insights or challenge their narrative. By redirecting the focus, they ensure you remain subordinate and disempowered.


We hope this article shed light on some of the lesser-known quirks of narcissists. If you found this information helpful, please consider following our channel for more valuable content. We’d love to hear your thoughts, so please share your experiences or any additional peculiar traits you’ve observed in narcissistic individuals.

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